why you never delete your images in-camera

In my Digital 101 class (and frankly, all my classes!), I really emphasize the idea of not choosing which images are “keepers” by looking in your viewfinder. The image below is a PERFECT example of why this idea is so important!

The image below was waaaaay overexposed when it was shot. (Not on purpose, but these things happen! This is why it also important to check your viewfinder for exposure!) It would have been tempting to delete this image in-camera. Throw it away and forget about it. But I never, ever do that. When I was working on the images from this wedding, something about this picture caught my attention. I thought it might have potential.

reasons why you shouldn't delete images in-camera

Here is the image, after post-production. And I loooove it. It’s ethereal and captures the moment beautifully.

why you shouldn't delete images in-camera

I hope this has inspired you to keep ALL your images ALL the time! You never know what pictures are worth saving until you see them on a larger screen.