before … and after!

It’s always a little bit scary to try something new. You wonder if it will work out. How people will respond. If you’ll be sorry you even tried.

And I’ll admit, I felt all those emotions when I decided to start teaching photography classes. I knew I loved photography and I knew I wanted other people to be able to experience that delight. And I’m so, so thrilled to say that teaching these crash courses has become one of my favorite things. (I’m equally thrilled to report that my students have had some very sweet things to say about the classes.)

One my digital 101 students was sweet enough to send me a before and after photo. The pictures were taken with the exact same camera. I think the images speak clearly about how much we learn in one 2-hr class!

before ….

after …

Another student just sent me her yummy before and after photos (though I have to admit that both make me hungry!)

before …

after …

Thanks so much to my students for sharing. And even more for letting me share some of the reasons I’m passionate about photography … for the record, I’m totally thrilled I tried. =)

(Interested in taking a class? You can find all the fun details here.)