monica B's 2010 photography goals

Fellow photogs, have you ever visited Digital Photography School? It’s an amazing online resource full of tons of great photograpy tips, ranging from how to hold a digital camera to how to shoot in direct sunlight (so useful in Georgia, where is is fabulously sunny a large part of the year!).

I really loved a recent post that suggested some fun, challenging and inspiring photography goals for the new year. In fact, I loved them so much that I thought I’d use them myself! I’ve added a few, and skipped a couple and edited some to make them more applicable to where I’m at in my photography journey.  I decided to round out the list at 25, since I’ll be age 25 for most of 2010. ;-) I’ll be dedicating at least one post for each goal, so check back to see how I do!

Without any further ado, here they are …

1. Take my camera with me whenever possible so I don’t miss capturing anything!

2. Shoot (and post!) a photo a day for at least one month

3. Take care of myself – eat right, sleep well and workout (there is no such thing as a *sick day* when you own your own business!)

4. Define my monica B business goals; formulate a clear business/marketing plan

5. Read a photography book a month

6. Become active in the Decatur, GA Photography Club

7. Be active in photography forums

8. Enter at least one photography competition

9. Plan a formal shoot a week for one month that really challenges my current skills

10. Join and be active on Flickr

11. Utilize video to help brand and showcase monica B photography

13. Challenge myself to become a “master of flash”

14. Seek out a photography mentor

15. Display my work in the community

16. Get published on at least one major wedding blog

17. Post on the blog at least 4 times a week!

18. Teach a beginner’s photography class

19. Create digital desktop calendars for all of my clients

20. Use my photography to bless others

21. Develop a post processing workflow and archiving workflow that works!

22. Create an email template that incorporates my favorite photos!

23. Take at least one photography workshop

24. Visit a photography exhibit at a local museum

25. Express my joy of photography to my clients and friends – I don’t want to lose sight of why I wanted to be a photographer!

Lovelies, I’d be delighted to hear yours! Any fun goals for the new year?

And because a post is always better with a picture, here are *two* from Jennifer’s bridal session.