monica B travels … to israel

It’s so hard for me to put my experience in Israel into words – or photos for that matter – there are some many moments and so many ways that God spoke to me there. It was just incredible and my husband and I are so grateful to my parents for the opportunity we had to go.

And as I started gathering photos for this blog post, I realized that there are far, far too many pictures that I want to share. So I’ll start with these and keep posting more in the coming weeks.

Below is one of the first pictures I took in Israel. These Roman aquaducts were incredible (and I couldn’t help feeling like they would make an amazing setting for an engagement or bridal shoot! Anyone want to get married in Israel so I can go back?!)

Here are the fearless guides for our trip: David Brickner, Pres. of Jews for Jesus, and Pitch (pronounced “Peach”). They were both a huge wealth of information.

Me and my husband. Of course, I’m wearing my now infamous “jacket-in-a-packet.” I couldn’t help but tell everyone on our trip, including some Israeli guards, about the wonders of this jacket.

My Dad and I woke up early one morning to capture the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee. Now, I’m not one for waking up early, but I would gladly do it everyday if I got to enjoy this view.

This boat is over 2000 years old! It was found by some fishermen and carefully – very carefully! – restored and put in a museum.

I wouldn’t say the photo below is even one of my favorites, but I risked my life (and my camera’s life!) to get it, so I’m including it in the post. I decided I absolutely had to have a picture of this waterfall, so I got down on the ground and adjusted my camera settings, and then just started leaning over the edge and trying to take pictures. I kept trying until I finally got the composition I was looking for. Whew. =)

This butterfly patiently waited for me to snap several photos before flitting away.

I loved the view of these apartment buildings.

At the end of the trip, we wandered through an artist’s market. I could have stayed there for hours!

Finally, a shot of my whole family. I love them so much and cherished every minute with them there!

(thanks to the kind person on our tour who took this picture for us!!)

That’s it for now … a very, very small sampling of some of my favorites. So many more to come!