melissa's engagment photos: downtown decatur & agnes scott college

When Melissa and I met, we both instantly eyed each other’s purses … it seems that we both have a love for all things Kate Spade. After that, what else is there to discuss?! Oh right, her big day … Melissa will be married in the summer at the gorgeous Primrose Cottage. I. cannot. wait.

And I was equally excited to capture these shots of the happy couple in downtown decatur a few weeks ago. It was a loooong drive for me (lol!), but well worth it. ;-)

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorites …

An engagment shoot in Downtown Decatur

A picture from a great engagement shoot in downtown decatur atlanta

Shot from Agnes Scott College Engagement Photography Shoot

Shot from engagement shoot in downtown decatur

Shot from Downtown Decatur Engagement Photography Shoot

Photo Shoot at Agnes Scott college

Here's a fun shoot in downtown decatur atl