lisa & scott … the big day

All of a sudden, in the middle of nowhere, I saw it. In fact, I was sure I was lost, as my Google map didn’t even recognize the road I was on.  But then it appeared, almost out of nowhere. One of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. And I knew, just from the gorgeous gates leading into the long driveway, that Lisa & Scott would have a beautiful day. How could they not? A beautiful setting. A beautiful couple. A beautiful love story.

They’ve been together forever. All day long I heard, “We’ve just been waiting for this day to come. We couldn’t wait for Lisa and Scott to finally get married.” And get married they did, underneath a gorgeous canopy by a waterfall pool. It was perfect and gorgeous and lovely. Just like them.

atlanta bride getting married

I love this shot! I remember being a flower girl when I was younger and just loving watching all the bridesmaids getting their make-up done.

atlanta wedding pictures

Lisa is basically drop-dead gorgeous.

I love this shot of Scott, looking back to try and see his bride. *Sigh* Aren’t weddings just fabulously romantic?

I’m positive Scott was more than thrilled to see his bride walking towards him.

After the ceremony, we snuck away from some portrait time.

And then there was the dancing … could they look any more in love?

I always love the father-daughter dance. This wedding was no exception.

The wedding guests toasted the bride and groom and wished them all the happiness in the world … so do I.