for my students

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I recently got a little testimonial from a student of mine.  And I can hardly express how much it meant to me.

My desire to find a good camera began in August of 2006 when I found out I was pregnant! My husband bought me a Nikon D40 as a surprise when my little girl was 1 month old. I was soooo excited to get started on learning how to use it but in the mean time I flipped that thing on auto and started taking pictures. About 3 years and 5000 pictures later (no I’m not kidding) I was still shooting in auto and frustrated with myself for not learning how to use the gift in my hands. I subscribe to Living Social and low and behold here came my opportunity; a 1/2 off coupon for a photography class with Monica B. I drove the hour trek for the Digital 101 class thinking if I learn one new thing it will be more than I know now! I left that 2 hour class with a smile on face knowing I was ready to take some good pictures. The information that I received from Monica’s class will last me a lifetime (she gives you a little guide to take with you). She is  knowledgeable and laid back and her teaching method was easy to receive. She is truly there to make you want to learn how to take good pictures. She gives you input on what accessories you need now and what would be good future splurges. After taking her course I emailed her some questions and pictures and she told me what settings to put my camera on to “fix” them. I also had an opportunity to meet with her one on one and because of her love for photography and her desire to have others to love photography, she somehow has convinced me to shoot only in the manual mode!! I have nothing but positive things to say about Monica and look forward to taking more MonicaB classes!!

It meant a lot for two reasons. First, I happen to really love this particular student.* So it meant a lot that she loved our time together. But mostly, it meant a lot because I love teaching. I really, really love teaching. It fulfills a really deep place in my heart that loves sharing and watching people get excited about photography. Because I get really, really excited about photography.

I’m excited about the future of my classes. I’m excited about continuing to meet new students each week and seeing old ones. And mostly, I’m still really excited about photography. Because it’s pretty great, right?

*And by “this particular student,” I mean that I am over the moon about all my students. They’re the best. =)

** The cloud picture is just because. Don’t you just love sunsets this time of year?