cookies for mobo

It’s my birthday week (yeah!!!) and I’m already feeling very loved.

Yesterday, I found a surprise package outside my door. It had my name on it, but I didn’t open it, because I’ve ruined many a surprise present from my husband that way.

When Joel got home, he told me it was fine to open the package, because it wasn’t from him.

It was from one of my dearest friends in the world, Austin.

Austin used to live literally half a mile away from us and it was too fantastic for words. It was so easy to see her – practically everyday. Whoever had extra for dinner would call and share with the other couple (and I’ll be honest and say that Austin and her husband Luke were far more often the givers than the receivers in that scenario!). I would drop by in the afternoons and we would work and talk and sometimes do nothing at all. We were totally spontaneous and it was perfect.

Then Austin and Luke moved a little outside Atlanta, so Luke could be closer to his work and be home earlier to help with their babies (twins! boys!). Even that extra 20 minutes felt like quite a distance, particularly for this girl who hates driving.

And a few months ago, Luke got a new home closer to Austin’s family. In Connecticut. Which, even as a geographically challenged person, I knew was far, far away. And they left and I cried.

I think of Austin all the time – I can’t believe how many fun memories we’ve already packed into our admittedly short friendship. I’m hoping and praying that someday we are much, much closer again.

Tonight, I’m enjoying one of my delicious birthday cookies. And I’m wishing Austin was here too, so we could turn on the TV and talk and laugh and do nothing at all.

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