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I’m so excited to start offering digital photography classes! Keep reading for all the course list & descriptions!

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2 hr Photography Crash Courses ($75/course)
– Digital 101 Crash Course
– Creative Photography Crash Course
– Point & Shoot Crash Course
– Editing Crash Course
– Advanced Digital Crash Course
– Portrait Photography Crash Course
– Lighting 101

Class Descriptions

Digital 101 Crash Course
Do you have an SLR but have no idea how to use it? Would you love to take your camera off the “auto” setting and really explore its potential? This class is for you! Students will learn about the different settings of their digital camera and how and when to use those settings to create amazing photographs! Topics covered include: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure control and camera accessories. We will cover a lot of ground in this crash course, so come ready to learn!

Lighting 101
Does lighting intimidate or frustrate you in your photos? Do you hate the look of flash in your images? Come take this 2 hr course and learn some lighting tips to help you go take your shots from amateur to pro! This class will cover natural lighting, as well as both on and off camera flash.

Creative Crash Course
If you’ve taken some great photos, but you want to do it consistently, this is the class for you! This course will cover the basics of what makes a great photograph exactly that – and how you can use these methods to capture everything from your kids to your backyard! Topics covered include: rule of thirds, color, lines, balance and framing.

Point & Shoot Crash Course
Are you interested in taking great photographs, but would prefer to use a point & shoot camera? That’s great! There are so many amazing possibilities with point & shoot cameras and with them, you can create stunning images. This course will show you how to take your photography to the next level on your digital camera. We will cover how to change your settings, when to use different settings and general composition guidelines.

Editing Crash Course
You’ve taken some great pictures, but you don’t know what program to use to make your edits. Maybe you’re not even sure how to properly upload your pictures! Don’t fret – this course is for you! During this crash course, you will learn about the main photo editing programs, including Bridge, Photoshop and Lightroom. (All of these programs can be downloaded for free for a 30 day trial!) By the end of the crash course, you will be able to upload your photos, know which program is right for you and editing, and how to get started in the editing process.

Advanced Digital Crash Course
Do you know some of the features of your digital SLR camera, but you are looking to learn more? Do you understand the different shooting modes, but want to consistently shoot in the manual mode? Have you learned the different concepts of your camera, but want to put all the pieces together? This advanced digital course is for you! In this class, we will take your digital photography skills to the next level! We will also cover how to save and share your work. (This course is great for anyone looking to take their photography to the professional level!)

Portrait Photography Crash Course
Do you love to take pictures of people, but you’re frustrated with the lighting in your images? Would you like more knowledge about how to consistently capture your subjects? How about some hands on shooting experience in a learning environment? This crash course will help you learn to do all of that and more! This crash course will be very hands-on and we will work with models to help you take your portrait photography skills to the next level!

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