announcing … monica B minis!!!!

I am soooo excited about this announcement that there is no way I could possibly use all the exclamation points that I feel in my heart!!!! (But I’m fairly certain you’ll still be able to grasp my level of enthusiasm … )

So here’s the thing: there are always too many amazing photos from a shoot or a wedding to possibly use in one blog post. The very (very) common solution to this is slideshows. And don’t get me wrong, slideshows are great. I think they’re very fun, but I’ve never been able to totally embrace them. I want my photos to somehow come alive. I want to be able to show everyone how much I looove shooting. And for me, slideshows just aren’t able to convey all of that.

The solution? A short movie! I’m a sucker for movies in general, and I think they are especially fun when they come in bite-size portions. So drumroll please …. announcing “monica B minis” – short films from your shoot or wedding. It combines snippets of video and my favorite photographs in a delightful little package.

It would be cruel to leave you at this point without one example, right? So here is Mina’s senior portrait session, in a mini version. =) (And don’t worry, I’ll still continue to share lots of images on the blog!)